Hey Guys!

I’m Delphine (aka New York Dely), a dedicated food lover in Williamsburg, NY.  I used to live in Paris where I wrote about restaurants.  I’m back in New York, and it’s pretty great.  In a way, I come from a long line of foodies.  My maternal great-grandmother sold fish in Normandy.  My paternal grandfather sold chicken in the Bronx.  My parents owned an awesome cafe on Long Island in the 70s.  All I know is I grew up eating.  A lot.  Which is probably why my French grandfather nicknamed me “Ketchup.”

I’ve been obsessed with eating, and I’ve also been obsessed with not eating.  I’m also just coming out of a three year hiatus from gluten and dairy.  I was misdiagnosed with food allergies, and I’m so happy to have my faves back in my life.  Like most, I’ve had some issues with food.  I’m only now learning how to be moderate, how to eat healthfully, but not too healthfully.  Sometimes you have to feed your body, and other times you have to feed your soul.  The environmental and ethical issues related to food are also important to me.  You’ll find that this blog’s recipes are made with whole foods, preferably organic and most always with grass-fed beef and free-range chicken and eggs.  I try to do the greenmarket and I grow vegetables in a community garden.  Sometimes the “simplicity” of whole foods isn’t that simple, but it’s definitely better and for me it’s definitely worth the effort.

My second love is books.  Preferably a little worn.  And naturally, I love books about food.  This blog is focused on combining these two loves: I’ll take you with me shopping for vintage cookbooks, and together we’ll try them out.

All in all, a lot of my time is spent doing something related to food.  It’s time to record it.  Nomnomnom.